UK Business Directory 2016
UK Business Directory

Our data is MOST Comprehensive up to date marketing database of All of UK - (Compare sample data accuracy against other databases)

Best value in the UK for current accurate data. More accurate than any competitors on market - verified against D&B and other major business directories.

> 4.2 million unique UK businesses (our largest database) no doubles 

> 2,300+ Business categories (see sample list)

> 2 million businesses with phone numbers

> 600,000+ businesses with fax numbers ( a very effective and low cost marketing tool)

> 593,000 business websites

> Listings include: Company Name, Address, Locality, Town, County, Poscode, SIC code, Phone No & in with some listings Website & Fax No.

Download file below (via link on bottom of page) and see sample for youself of 1) Business Sectors (SIC) covered and postcodes in database. - sample spreadsheet has a number of tabs/worksheets.

Use file for marketing database
Easily print mailing labels via Access or Excel
Export content into csv file or Excel
Reverse search phone numbers
Target particular suburbs or even street

Data Delivery:

1) Data is delivered as 1 Excel 2007 file - Category and postcode columns contain filter tab to make searching and sorting through large database easier.

2) We also deliver file as 1 CSV files all can be imported into a database application eg. MS Access, Filemaker or any other database you have.

Download link will be emailed within 12 hours of order

Update: Once yearly - purchasers receive 35% discount on update

Source: Internal database verified public directories - D&B,

Our Price:

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