Australian Residential Marketing Database 2016
Australian residential marketing database 2016 New Update

We guarantee our data is latest in Australia (other providers provide old data - we can send sample from any postcode to prove against competitors)

If you want less data such as a state or postcode email us on data (leave out gap before @ sign)

Database of over 85% of consumer residential households in Australia (included over 700 thousand mobile phone numbers). Over 6.0 million households with verified addresses and phone numbers. see sample below

Accurate and extensive database - you might be able to get your hands on some business name database but rare to get hold of residential names. Our list is rare as in Australia the Electoral Roll is unavailable to the public or private organizations.

New update with improved Excel functions and ability to sort by street.

Listing includes: Name (Initials and surname), Address (5.5 million+), Suburb, Postcode and Phone number(s) and mobile phone (where provided - 400,000+).

  • Use file for marketing database - telemarketing, SMS and mail

  • Use customer names on your mailing list or telemarketing campaigns.

  • Easily print mailing labels via Access or Excel

  • Export content into csv file or Excel

  • Reverse search phone numbers

  • Target particular suburbs or even streets

Search by state, name, postcode and even reverse search phone numbers.

If you require your data washed we can provide that service for $0.05 per contact email us for more info. For more info see our privacy policy.

Data Delivery:

Data is delivered in 2 formats:

Excel 2007 - 4 files (1 file per state - VIC, NSW and QLD and the rest on Australia (NT, WA, SA & TAS in another file). Our Excel file contains filters to enable the easier searching of large database by Postcode or Suburb.

CSV  file in 1 file for all Australia - can be imported into a database application eg. MS Access, Filemaker or any other database you have.

Standalone Filemaker App - no need for your own software you can use our database application to export into EXCEL (requires Microsoft WINDOWS PC)

Download link will be emailed within 12 hours of order.

Source: Internal database verified against White Pages information.

Our Price:

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