AU Business Directory Database 2019
Large Business marketing database of Australia - 2019

NEW Larger than ever with more value added information (more up to date and accurate than other products - as we put together data ourselves)

Unlimited exporting (unlike some software which limits to 60,000) and put together ourselves - more up to date than competing products.  Also now available as standalone easy to use application.

1.5+ million unique business records with Type of Business, Name, Address & Phone number
> Accurate and verified (if you have database more accurate we will refund your money - we guarantee our data is most up to date in Australia - test our data versus any competing data - other companies selling old data)
> 2,500+ business categories/types
> NEW database you have ability to SORT by Suburb and within suburb by street invaluable for sales people on the road.

In addition to 1.3m business records - the database includes:

- Category, Name, address, phone, coordinates
- 500,000+ records with email addresses
- 356,000+ records with website addresses
-350,000+ mobile numbers -

Source: Internal database checked and verified against Yellow and Whitepages data for changes.

Delivery of data (Choice of 3 formats):

1) One Excel  file (with filters & searching for both Business category and Suburb Postcode - to make using database easier)

2) csv file - all data in one file that can be imported into any database program such as MS Access.

Note: User requires either a database program such as MS Access or Excel 2007 and higher (as older versions of Excel only take up to 65,000 lines per page/worksheet) - if you require smaller amount of data either suburb or business category see custom databases.


Our Price:

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