About Us

Yell123 is dedicated to bring up to date databases of businesses, organizations and individuals which are accurate, recently updated, extensive in size and very well priced.
We are based in Melbourne, Australia – 2 Wellington St St Kilda. Our UK mailing address is Unit 1096, PO Box 7169, Poole, Dorset, BH15 9EL UK.

The use of our databases should comply with privacy laws in the country of use see our information on PRIVACY

We are registered with the Australian Communnications and Media Authority to provide “washing” services to clients who want to use our residential database for telemarketing.

PAYMENT: Online our method of payment is via Pay Pal (either credit card or Pay Pal account) alternativly you can make purchase via direct deposit to our bank account – Westpac in Australia and HSBC in the UK and USA. Email us data@ yell123.com(type out email and leave no gaps – TO AVOID SPAM) if you prefer this method.